About me

My name is Charlotte Spencer-Smith. I come from London and have been living in Austria for seven years. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Politics at Durham University and a MA in International Studies at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, I worked for the UN for three years.

I have always wanted to be self-employed and support businesses in making international connections. For this, communication and language are the most important tools.

Good translations do not just convey messages from one language to another: they are the calling card of the ideas and values that represent a business. Wittgenstein said it best: the limits of my language mean the limits of my world!

I have experienced more than once how bad translations have devalued good ideas and prevented potential success.

So that this does not happen to you, you can be sure that my translations are of the highest quality:
clear messages in the right tone and style for your target audience. You can get started in the world language that is English!

I look forward to sharing part of your journey together with you and your team and to help the world better understand the value of your products!